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Stopping a RoboCaller


In the US, there is a charity organization led by a certain individual, that makes incessant robocalls, they call every single day, including short winter Fridays. This can often cause aggravation, as people sometimes wait for an important phone call, and drop everything just to catch the phone, only to hear that it is a robocall. Even after asking to be placed on the Do Not Call list, they still call. Sometimes, if you beg them, they stop the calls for a few months, but then they start again.

I have heard from a few people, the only way to stop these calls, is to donate via CC, and then dispute the charges, after this, they permanently removes you from their list.

My question is, is it permissible to do this? I am allowed to intentionally give them my CC with intent to dispute, if this is the only way to get them to stop calling me?

Some people are also thinking about reporting them to the FTC, if the FTC receives enough complaints, they might stop them completely, is this permissible?

  1. S. This is not an exaggeration they call every single day, and it causes a lot of aggravation to a lot of people.



Thank you for your question.

I would opt for the first option.

The next time they call, speak to someone. Tell them clearly, that if you are not removed from their list immediately, this means that they agree that you can get yourself removed from their list using other means, even if will be uncomfortable for them.  After telling them this, you have no problem making the charge, and then canceling it, in order to get removed from their list.


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  1. As far as I know, credit card disputes usually involve one of the following scenarios:
    * Unauthorized or fraudulent charges
    * Failure by the merchant to deliver merchandise
    * Defective merchandise
    * Billing errors

    In the scenario described in the question, I don’t see how the person can truthfully claim any of the above.

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