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Mearas Hamachpela


  1. I have heard that a pregnant woman should not visit Kevarim. Is a pregnant woman allowed to daven in the Mearas Hamachpela as it is not clear if the Kevarim are where they are marked?
  2. If I daven by myself on Yom Kippur (not in shul) what parts can I not say (besides Krias hatorah)?

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  1. There is a common practice that pregnant women should not go to a cemetery. This idea is not brought in the gemora or Shulchan Aruch, and the poskim offer various reasons for it. One reason given is in order to preserve the best level of tahara for the fetus. (At this point he is learning torah and we want to keep his tahara as much as possible, before he gets a yetzer hora.) Others say because there is a danger that she might abort because of it. There are poskim poskim who say that this idea does not apply to going to kivrei tzaddikim when the kever is not in a cemetery, such as kever Rochel, Miron, Meoras Hamachpela.
  2. When davening b’yichidus (without a minyan) we are allowed to say everything that the tzibbur is saying, with the exception of the 13 middos or rachamim (Hashem, Hashem…) and any parts of the davening that are in Aramaic. When davening without a minyan on Rosh Hashana, we have to make sure not do daven mussaf before three hours into the day.

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