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Canvas Sukka


I purchased a canvas Sukka (it has a metal frame and one ties sheets to it). Someone was telling me this can be problematic as it blows in the wind. I have tried to make it as tight as possible but it still does sway on the wind. I heard there is a solution of tying string around it using the concept of lavud.
How much string would one need and how thick would it need to be?



Thank you for your question.

What you were told is correct. If the walls of canvas will move in the wind, then they are not considered kosher walls for the succah. There are indeed some canvas succahs that have metal poles, spaced less than 3 tefachim apart from each other for this specific reason. If the succah that you have does not have these metal poles, you can use the solution of tying strings from one pole to the other, however the strings have to be less than 3 tefachim from each other in order to be considered closing the area. Therefore, tie a string from pole to pole less than 3 tefachim to the ground, and the one above that one, less than 3 tefachim above that, until you have a “wall” that is more than 10 tefachim. This should be done to three of the succah’s four walls.

Have a good Yom Tov


Succah 24b, M:B 530-48.


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