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Was this lashon hora


Hello, I feel terrible. I have a good friend who is Jewish and has a lot of responsibilities with family and work. I mentioned this to two people along with saying that I think she is too busy and it some point it may impact other people at her workplace (no one specific) but also that she works very hard and that it is not my business. Neither of these people now see her in negative light but I still feel badly. Is this ok? If not, how do I do better? I am really trying, and I almost never say or listen anything negative about others.


From what you are describing it sounds like to did say lashon hora, however the people you said it to didn’t accept it. Since the people didn’t ccpet he lashon hora, there is no need for you to ask her for forgiveness, because to didn’t negatively affect her. However, you would have to do teshuva, like for all other aveiros. There are 3 main parts to teshuva, 1. Regret- this part you already did by the fact that you asked this question. 2. Viduy, which I am such you already did this past Yom Kippur. 3. To make sure that you won’t do it again. From my understanding of who you are, you are careful not to speak lashon hora, and you will be careful about it in the future. Therefore, try to be more careful about his in the future.

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