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Sukka on Shemini Atzeres


I live in EY but keep two days Yom Tov as per a psak I previously received. My minhag is to eat all the Seudos in the Sukka. I am invited for the night by someone who only keeps one day Yom Tov.
I understand that it is a machlokes if a ben chutz la’aretz should eat in the sukka in Eretz Yisrael. Would it be permissible to make kiddush in my Sukka eat a Kezayis and have da’as to continue the meal and eat the rest of the meal out of the sukka there as the MB says in 668:6 that doesn’t need to to eat food in the sukka on Shmini Atzeres which one isn’t mechuyav to eat in the sukka the rest of Sukkos.
Thank you.



The minhag according to most poskim is that bei Chut Laaretz do not eat in the succah on Shminei Atzeres.

A gutte moed



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