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tefillin on chol hamoed


The Magen Avraham at end of siman 25 says that the chazzan should take off his tefillin on chol hamoed Sukkos before Hallel because their is time to take off tefillin while they are “selling the esrog” and therefore there won’t be tircha d’tzibur. What procedure is the magen avraham referring to?
It would seem to me that today where most people have their own lulav and esrog, and most people who wear tefillin take it off during chazaras hashatz, that the halacha should be that the chazan should not take off his tefillin until after hallel because people will have to wait for him. Does the Rav agree? If not, why?
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There is usually a short break between chazaras hashatz and hallel to prepare the lulav and bentch, and if the chazan just removes his tefillin quickly then it shouldn’t be a ticha on the tzibbur.

A gutte moed



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