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Disposing soup or cholent during Shemitah


How does one dispose of soup or cholent during the Shemitah year that contains vegetables that have kedushas shiviis? Is just leaving it out on the counter overnight sufficient to then discard it in the regular garbage?


Thank you for your question.

Since the soup has kedushas shviis it may not be placed in a place that would be considered that you ruined it. Therefore it has to be left to rot until it will not be edible even to animals. The recommended thing to do regarding soup is to place the soup in a bag, and leave it inside the bag for a full day or two to spoil until it has rotted, and then the bag may be placed in the regular garbage. (Regarding leftover vegetables, they would have to be left in the bag to rot for longer).

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Shmitta Khilchoso 3-7

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