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Specifying what one wants annulled before Hatoras Nedarim



I recall learning in a sefer that if one does not specify to one of the ‘judges’ what one wants annulled then the hatoras nedarim does not actually work.

1) Is this really so? If one specifically knows what he wants annulled but doesn’t actually tell a ‘judge’ about them (or does tell, but in very general terms) then did the hatorah still work?
2) If one remembers more things that he didn’t have in mind about before the hatoras nedarim, are they still annulled?

Much appreciated


1. A person that comes in from of a bais din to be matir his neder has to specify what the neder is. This is based on the Gemora Gittin 35b, and Shulchan Aruch Y:D 228-14. The reason for it is because there are certain nedorim that the bais din can not be matir. Also see Shut Rashba 4-62. In retrospect if the person didn’t tell one of the dayonim the neder, according to the Shulchan Aruch (ibid) and other poskim, the hatora doesn’t work.

2. A person that is making a general natoras nedarim, and remembers a specific neder at that time should say it to one of the dayanim. However, the nedarim that he doesn’t remember at that time are included in the hatara even though he didn’t mention them. See sources


ע’ ס’ כל נדרי פע”ט הערה א’ וז”ל “והטעם שמועילה התרה לנדרים שכבר שכח וכמו שאומרים בנוסח התרת הנדרים ‘הן אותם שכבר שכחתי’ פירש החדרי דעה סימן רכח סעיף ב’ שבסתם התרה צריך שידע הנודר את נדרו והו”ל למימר שכיון ששכח את הנדר אין בכך ידיעה ואי אפשר להתיר הכא כיון שמתחרט על הכל חשיב ידיעה’ אף שעתה אינו זוכר את הנדר עיי”ש עוד מה שכתב לפ”ז”

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