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Cut My Neighbors Tree


I recently built a sukkah in my backyard for the first time. I had to cut branches from numerous trees in order that my schach should be kosher. I accidently cut down part of my neighbor’s tree. I even cut the part of it that was growing in his property. The tree was in the backyard of an apartment building in Yerushalayim. I don’t even know who to speak to. It may be owned by several different people; some of which may not even live here. The tree was not fruit bearing. It was in an obscure location; they may not even know that it existed! I don’t believe that they will have a problem. Do I owe them any money?



Thank you for your question.

From what you are describing it doesn’t sound like anyone over there is going to mind, and it is doubtful that you have to give them any monetary compensation. However I don’t know the situation, therefore I would say that for good measure, that you should speak to the person who runs the vaad bayit of that building and see what he says.

Best wishes


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