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Giving tzedakah when poor person left


I have just walked across the road to the dustbin. As I came up the steps onto the road, I saw two chasidishe dressed gentlemen descend the steps of the house opposite. They walked a few metres along the road, then stopped and came back to me, indicating their request for tzedakah. They have visited the house in the past, although I do not recall their worthy cause. I told them I have no money en route to the dustbin, please come back and give me five minutes to be in the house to receive them. I came back into the house, put outside on a stool a bottle of water and two plastic cups and then came to find and put money in my pocket, thus fully prepared to receive them and to donate. More than 35 minutes have elapsed so it is fair to consider that they will not return. I have brought the bottle of water inside the house. What do you recommend I should do with the money I have in my pocket, which I planned to donate to them?



Thank you for your question.

If you can’t give the money to these two people, as they have not retuned, you may give the money to a different tzedakah. If you know what kind of tzedakah they were collecting for, i.e. a Yeshiva, poor people etc. then it is better to give the money for that type of cause, however if you don’t know what the type of cause it was for, you can give the money to other poor people or organization that helps out poor people.

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