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Hatan Bereishit


Shalom Harav I need a speech regarding a Hatan Bereshit , is there anything special about it anywhere I can find out to learn more to put together something please let me know thank you
Chazak Baruch
Shabbat shalom



Here are a few points that you can use in your speech.

See sefer Imrei Shefer (pg. 114 Yalkut Kisvei Kodesh) who brings fromR’ Pinchos of Koritz zt”l that Chosson Torah is a segulah for Torah and chosson Bereishis is a segula for wealth. The persons pockets are then filled. However the person has to make sure that his pockets don’t have holes in them, otherwise what was put inside it can fall out…

Another point the person who starts the Torah is called “Chatan”. The idea of Chatan says Rabeinu Avigdor (one of the Baalei Tosefos  is that a person who attaches himself is called a chatan, (Shemos 9-36 see sources for the actual text). The person who attaches himself to the torah first is called Chatan Bereishit. The is a big zechut, because he is paying money in order to show his love for torah, and get the first chance to read from the Torah. In fact, the custom is that the Chatan Bereishit gives a kiddush, because this idea is so precious.

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שמות ט-לו “חתן דמים” -ק”ק מה ר”ל חתן? ונראה כל המזורז על המצוה נקרא חתן כמו חתן תורה או חתן בראשית וכמו כן חתן המכנים כלתו לחופה נקרא חתן דבל המתחבר לחבירו נקרא חתן”.


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