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Re: the decoration of the kipa by the precious stones.


Re: the decoration of the kipa – yermulka by the precious stones.

Dear Dinonline:

There is a question I was contemplating for quite some time and, finally, had decided to ask You…
Is it possible to decorate kipa (kipot – scull hat) with the jewelry? With the sapphires, diamonds, emeralds, for example (with the other precious stones and platinum, gold)… Are there are any regulations in this instance? How big the precious stones might / should be?

Rebbe said, that there is King likeness in every Jew. Can the kipa in its ornaments decorations resemble the Crown?

Thank You very much for Your reading and considering this question of mine.
Ba kavod rav,


Thank you for your interesting question.

I don’t see any problem or issue with placing gems etc. on a kipa. We wear a kippa to feel and show that Hashem is above us, if someone wants to make it nice, that’s great.

Best wishes



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