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Haircut dilemma


I went to a haircut last week, and paid less money for going to a junior barber. The barber gave me a good haircut and was diligent with my hair until at the very end he cut my neck. He did not offer me a discount but I am wondering if it was right to ask.



Thank you for your question.

It is good that you didn’t ask. Essentially, he did the job he was paid for, and he gave you a good haircut. The fact that he also cut you doesn’t diminish the value of the actual haircut, (unless he feels bad and wants to give you compensation). Halachically the fact that he gave you a small cut won’t give you a monetary claim against him. This is because your overall value didn’t diminish (I hope not!) because of the cut, and the small cut is not going to cast you anything to heal.

I’m sure he feels bad about the cut that he gave you, and you should just be mochel it.

Best wishes


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