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Fleishik food microwaved in glass bowl.


Pieces of potatoes etc with some small pieces of chicken, which had already been cooked earlier and had become cold, and now still had a couple of little bits of chicken, were re-heated in the microwave in a glass (Pyrex) bowl. The bowl had always before been used for milchik. Please tell me what is now the status of the bowl, and what to do with it, if necessary.?



Thank you for your question.

There is controversy regarding glass is it absorbs, or not and if it does absorb if it can be koshered. We can be lenient regarding basar bchalav, but it should be koshered since it was used in the microwave which can be considered like a kli rishon. What you should do to kasher the bowl is that it should be totally clean, and after 24 hours from when the bowl was used for the chicken. Fill it with water and put it into the microwave for long enough that the water will boil. Then rinse it off with cold water.

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