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Kashering a pot


I purchased a stainless steel pot from ebay. It appears unused (label was still on), but I want to kasher it, and toivel it. I removed the label, plastic handles and lid knob. (going to replace them with new ones) How do I kasher? In a disposable tin big enough to emmerse the whole pot? a kosher pot from my kitchen?(then what?) and which goes first- kashering or toiveling?



Thank you for your question.

Kashering goes before toveling, as we first get rid of the bad (trief absorbed taste) and then we do the good (toveling), “Sur mera, va’aseh tov”).

The way to kasher the pot is to first make sure that any stickers, labels etc. that are meant to be removed are indeed removed. This includes any glue, etc. from the back of the sticker. Then you can immerse the pot into a larger pot while it is at a rolling boil. Keep the pot inside immersed for a few seconds until the pot starts to bubble again. Alternatively, you can heat up the pot itself until the top and bring it to a boil. In order to kasher the top of the rim of the pot, take a rock that has been heated up, or a ladle that has been made hot, and insert it into the pot so that the water flows over the top of the pot, while it is boiling Then the pot is koshered. Then rinse the pot off with cold water.   Remember to also do the lid of the pot.

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  1. Thank you for answering! But regarding the pot I use to kasher…can it be one of my pots or a disposable large tin ? The pot I want to kasher is a small sauce would easily fit into a deep disposable, bit I am concerned about safety..

    1. You can use any pot you like, as long as it wasn’t used for milk or dairy in the last 24 hours

      1. If the pot has a rim do I need to burn out any food particles that may be trapped underneath as simply cleaning will not get everything trapped or can the pot be kashered as is?

        1. IF there if food trapped over there it has to be burned out.

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