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Raw peeled onion overnight mixed with other vegetables, without salt or oil.


I cut up a good sized raw peeled onion for a salad and mixed it with cut up raw fresh mushrooms and tomatoes and peppers and radish and a bit of fresh basil, and these were in a bowl covered in cling film. I intended to eat it later and at that point would have added the dressing. However, I forgot to add the salt oil etc etc, because I didn’t eat the salad later after all, and it was left in the fridge overnight without having any added salt or oil etc etc etc. I want to be very very careful. Lina’s lailah, I understand it, is a very serious issue. I am not asking for a heter. On the other hand, I don’t want chas veSholom to be wasteful. What does one do in this case?
Actually, what happened after this might also be relevant and possibly bring up further issues and questions: a couple of evenings later I decided I wanted to eat the salad. I had a few spoonful’s and I found that the salad as it was much too sharp for me and I didn’t want to eat any more at that time. (Perhaps, on another occasion, I could have put it in, as it was, into a pita along with other less sharp and more tasty food items.) I decided that it would be a nice idea to fry up the mixed veg and that it would probably taste much nicer that way and take away the sharpness. And that’s what I did. The following day I fried it in oil, actually with some frozen peas, (and the aroma was incredibly delicious). However, after cooking it, I realized and remembered that the onions had been overnight, actually for a couple of nights, and had not been in oil or salt etc etc (although they were mixed up with the other cut up veg). And I realized that there was a question here. Please kindly advise.
Sincere thanks.
Tizkeh LeMitzvos.



Thank you for your question.

You can eat the vegetables, even though they were not in salt or oil. This is because they are still considered mixed with something, and it doesn’t have to specifically be with salt or oil.



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