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Apartment reservation


I saw an apartment on an online rental platform (airbnb) .

the owner of the apartment proposed to me to close the lease, outside the site for a lower price.
since he wouldn’t have to pay the fees.

is this allowed? and even if allowed would it be ethically correct?



Thank you for your question.

It is definitely not ethically correct, but it is also helping the renter steal from the rental platform. The renter is obligated to pay the platform the same way we are obligated to pay any rea; estate agent and denying him his wage is stealing. Assisting a person to steal is, called “mesayeya l’yudei ovdei Aveiro” and not permitted.

Enjoy your new geneiva free apartment

Best wishes


ב”ק קי”ח ע”ב, ור”מ הל’ גניבה פ”ה, וע חו”מ ס’ שנ”ו סע’ א ברמ”א.


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