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להטעותו או טעה מעצמו


Hello. I have two pairs of headphones. I bought a case for one of them through an Amazon seller based in China. I liked it and wanted to know if they had a case that fits my second pair as well. (It’s a different size.) I found a case of theirs that looked like it would fit, but I wanted to check with the company beforehand. So I sent them a link to that case, to ask if it would fit my model. The answer came back from China (via automatic Chinese translation) and they apparently misunderstood my question (possibly because they are working through automated Chinese translation). They thought I was referring to the case I had already purchased and was asking whether it would fit a Sennheiser HD600 headphone. They answered that it would not, but not to worry, that they would replace it with a new case that would fit. They asked me to send my address, so they could send it to me. Question is: Am I allowed to send my address, in order to receive this product ($25 item)?In other words, given that he has not yet given it to me and needs my help (my address) in order to give it to me, does this change this from טעות to מטעה?
Here is the correspondence.
(I sent them a link to the model I THOUGHT might fit and wanted to make sure it would. They thought I was referring to the case I had already bought.)
Hi David
Thanks for your message
The case you sent is not suitable for your headset
We have consulted our product team and found the suitable product for the Sennheiser HD600
You can view the following links :

We will provide you with a replacement one free of charge from Amazon. Please provide detailed delivery address
Your quick response will be most appreciated
Best regards

Geekria Customer Satisfaction Team



You can send them your address. You didn’t do anything here to fool them into thinking that what they sent you wasn’t the correct thing, and this is totally their mistake. Sending them your address don’t not constitute doing an action to fool them… they made the mistake all by themselves… (according to what you are describing).

Best wishes


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