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After Beis Din, one side turns to secular court


Reuven took Shimon to Beis Din, and Beis Din paskened that Shimon owes a certain amount to Reuven. Reuven however, believed he should be getting more money, and then filed a lawsuit against Shimon (and the Beis Din) in secular courts. Does Shimon have to still keep to the psak of Beis Din, as it is clear that Reuven never intended to accept Beis Din’s psak on himself?



Thank you for your question.

Reuvain did not have the right to go to seculer court, and his doing so may possibly cause the Bais Din to exempt Shimon of the verdict and exempt him of the charges. Speak to the Bais Din about it, as it is up to them to decide this.

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