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Paying for damages


I was building my sukkah in the parking spaces behind my apt. building and I left one of the boards leaning agianst a fence. It was a little breezy but suddenly out of nowhere came a strong wind and blew the board into somones car which (my wife claims) made a small dent in the metal door of the car. The car was not parked on the side of the street where cars are usually parked rather more towards the middle of the street (probably because they needed to load the car for a trip). Am I obligated to pay? Please also give me the reasonings and sources for me to look into myself (not just the halachic verdict). Thank you!



Thank you for your question.

A question of this type, is not meant for such a forum, because it needs that the needs to be discussed, by both sides with a dayan. If you would like the two of you can call the Bais Din and make phone appointment.



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