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halacha of purchasing


Kavod haRav,
Thank you sincerely for your help, I really appreciate it.
What is the halacha of shopping at a store that has a company policy that supports a non-Torah hashkafa? For example, let’s say a large company makes a marketing statement that they, as a company, support a cause that goes against the Torah hashkafa. May a Shomer Torah and Mitzvos shop there if this company has certain important items to them for personal reasons, as well as the shopper does not at all agree with the company, they are simply trying to buy an item that is unique to this brand, or valuable for some reason at this location to the buyer…May a Shomer Torah Mitzvos person shop in such a store with the mindset that they simply do not agree with the company on that issue…? Thank you again



Thank you for your question.
It is hard to answer your question definitively because you worded it vaguely, as to what the non- Torah hashkafa is related to. In general though, if it isn’t avoda zara related, and your purchase is not supporting avoda zara then it would not be halachically prohibited. From a hashkafic angle, if you are indeed bothered by their advertising that they support these haskafos, or if buying there makes a statement that you support their actions, then you might choose not to buy there.
Best wishes


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