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Added name for a choleh remaining if he was niftar


My relative was sadly niftar after being in the hospital for a little more than 5 weeks. He went into sudden cardiac arrest after his blood pressure dropped and a rabbi and his sons added a name, seemingly without a minyan. My relative was more or less unresponsive with the exception of moving his eyes and his chin or foot or finger. I think at first he probably had a little cognization and possibly afterwards but I don’t know. Does the added name stick? What is said before kaddish or mishnayos etc? Thank you



I’m sorry to hear about your relative. His neshoma should have an aliya.

Regarding the name that was added, if he never recovered from the illness then the name does not stick, and he will be referred to as his regular name, without the addition.

Best wishes


Shemos B’aretz pg. 121.



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