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Why do Jews have beards?


Shalom Rabbi,

Is there a reason why we should wear a beard? A spiritual reason for this?



Thank you for your question.
Traditionally, Jewish men had beards, this was for a number of reasons. One reason is (especially in western society) because it gives the person a Jewish look, and in a way, it gives a look of distinction. Although beards are not exclusive to Jews, but you can spot an orthodox man a mile away because of his beard! Another reason is because when shaving and cutting off the hair of one’s face, a person can come to transgress, “lo takif pas zikonecha”, not to cut the hair of one’s face with a razor. A person with a beard will not have such issues. There are also kabalistic reasons for growing a beard, and this is why Hasidic people mostly have beards.
It is important to note that although there are a number of reasons why Jews grow their beards, according to most halachic authorities, it is a preference and not an obligation.
As stated in Hasidic circles it is the norm, however in other circles it is not the norm at least until after the person is married.
Best wishes


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