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Replacing Mezuzas when moving home


A gutten.
I am moving home beH a week after the current tenant moves out. He would like to take his Mezuzas when he leaves, but I only become obligated to put up mine when I move in a week later. I am happy to work things out with him but unsure what to do without losing out on the quality of my Mitzvah and ability to make a bracha.
Should I put mine up as soon as he moves out? Could I put mine up whilst he is still there before he moves? Would I be able to make a berocha if I did that? Or is it preferable for me to actually put up the mezuzas when I move in?


Thank you for your question.

The tenant is not allowed to remove the mezuzas when he leaves. If you want to put your own mezuzas on the doorposts while he is still there, you can do that, however when you move in you would not be able to make the bracha, because you ae not affixing the mezuza at that time.  What you can do is to put up the mezuzas while he is still there, and the n when you move in, take the mezuzas off to check them, and then when you put them back up, you will be able to make a bracha.


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