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Classic music: Wagner


Shalom uvrocho from Austria!
I got some LPs of classic music and among them, I got a LP of Wagner!
Wagner was Antisemitic, and we all know the connection between Wagner’s music and the Nazis.
May I listen it with a clear conscience? Should I throw it away? I got theses plates for free. Then, if I would like to sell it and give the sum to tzedoko, I believe, it would be unfair.
How should I behave? What can you suggest me?
Gut Shabbes un a gut Channukko!


A freilichen Chanukah to you and your family.

Although I understand your distaste for the music composed by a person who hated us so strongly, and the fact that the music was used in such an inhumane fashion, from a strict halachic angle, the music is not forbidden to listen to. If you want to sell the plates, and make a profit on it, that is alright, if you want to give the money to tzedoko, give it so it should be a zechus for you, not for him.

Best wishes


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