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Happy Thanksgiving!!! Were there Jews on Ship Margaret and in Plymouth?nd?


Dear Din Online:
Happy Thanksgiving!!!
And on board of ship Margaret in 1619, were there any Jews? And in Massachusetts, in Plymouth in 1621, amongst the pilgrims were there, probably, any Jews?..
Thank You very much for reading this letter of mine… and…

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Ba kavod rav meod,


I have no idea of there were Jews on those ships or not. It happens to be that Thanksgiving is either aa pagan holiday, adapted by the Christians, or a Christian holiday, therefore although we definitely take the time each and every day to thank Hashem for all the wonderful things that he does or us, we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving as a holiday. We have Chanukah and Purim to celebrate and thank Hashem for all that he does for us.

Best wishes


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