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Making havdalah before maariv on Motzei Shabbos?


Is there any issue with making havdalah before maariv on motzei shabbos?



Thank you for your question.

If there is an issue with making havdalah before davening maariv depends on when you are making havdalah. It is incorrect to make havdalah while it is still Shabbos. Although technically it can be done, without the candle and the person must make sure that no melacha is done. Nevertheless, it is incorrect to do. If someone has a specific situation, that should be discussed with a Rov.

If however it is already after nightfall, and technically it is not Shabbos anymore, but the person has not yet davened maariv. It is halachically permitted to make havdalah before maariv, however it is preferable to keep the usual order of doing things and to daven maariv first. However, if it is difficult for whatever reason it is permitted.

As a side point, when davening maariv, you should still say “ato chonantonu”.

Best wishes


M:B 293-9, 294-1, Shulchan Aruch Horav 293-1, Piskei Teshuvos 294-1.

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