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  1. I like to like big oil cups, so that my candles burn for a long time, I know I don’t need to , but it’s something I like to do. The problem is, since I use big cups, I cant find a menorah big enough for them, so I light without a menorah. Is this lechatchilah, or would it be better to light using smaller cups and use a menorah? Could you perhaps write an article about if one has to use a menorah.
  2. Another question, I have heard some people blow out there menorah after half an hour, is this ok? is there any reason not to?


Thank you for your question.

  1. I can’t write an article on the if one has to use a menorah, because I am not aware of any sources that say that we are obligated to specifically use a menorah. The Shulchan Aruch (O:CH 673-3) talks about using a ner of cheres, which was a single cup made of pottery. There is also an opinion that the candles or oil should be placed in some sort of kli that can stand (see Chesed L’Avrohom brought in Sharrei Teshuva 673-13) however others (Avnei Nezer siman 500) argue with this.
  2. The obligation is to have the light stay lit for half an hour after the time to lit the neiros. After that time the Shulchan Aruch (O:CH 672-2) writes that they may be extinguished. The Mishna Berura (672-6) also says this. There are however poskim who say that nowadays since people do go in the street later that there is an inyan in keeping the light on for longer. (See Moadim Uzmanim 2-141, Teshuvos Vhanhagos 1 390)

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