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Praying for my own recovery.


Hello Rabbi, The question is – can I pray for my own recovery from the illness?



Thank you for your question.


You are, in fact, the best person to pray for yourself for your own recovery, the reason being because you will pray with the most devotion and concentration, and in the most submissive way for your own recovery. Not only should you pray for yourself, but the Ramban says that when a person is in a difficult situation he has a specific biblical commandment to pray that Hashem help him in his situation. Therefore when you pray for yourself you are fulfilling a mitzva and that adds to the merit of your prayer.

Even more than this. The gemora says that the shechina rests above the head of a sick person, therefore the best place for people to daven for a sick person is next to them, because the shechina is there!

As a side point, when praying for your recovery, include Tehillim 6 in your prayers.

Therefore by all means pray with all your might, and G-d willing your should have a f8ull recovery in the near future.

Refuah Shleima


Y:D 335-2ץ

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