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Cashier made a mistake on price at checkout


In Israel I was ordering a large salad which costs 30 shekels, but the cashier only charged me for a small salad which cost 20 shekels. He noticed and I offered to pay the difference in 10 shekels, but he said that it was okay and I could take the large salad for a small salad price.
Should I have insisted on paying? Does the cashier have a right to make those decisions of giving away items for cheaper if he doesn’t own the store.


Under normal circumstances you can rely on the person working behind the counter, and if the person says that it is ok, you can assume that the owner would agree to it. Unless you have reason to suspect that the worker has some ulterior motive for giving you an extra good price. Is there any reason why the person working behind the counter would want to personally find favor in the eyes of the customer, etc? If this is not applicable then you don’t have to worry about it.

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