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Goyah and Jew


Vaykra 20:10 Rashi says that if a Jew has a relationship with a non-Jew’s wife there is no death penalty, in that case there is no prohibition for a Jew to have a relationship (not marriage) with a non-Jew(goyah) ?



Thank you for your question.

Thank you for your question.

Although technically there is no official death penalty, this does not in any way mean that it is permitted. There is an idea called “kanoim bogim bo”. That a zealous person for the honor of Heaven is allowed to kill them on the spot. ( This is not for people nowadays on our low level, rather for a person that is so enraged at the desecration that this act has to the honor of Hashem. A person on this level can take the revenge of Hashem at this person.) This is precisely what Pinchas did to Zimri in the desert. As the Torah says that he avenged the act in the place of Hashem himself. A person who has a relationship with a non- Jew is causing his children to not bee Jews and this in a way is the biggest sin. It is the real holocaust of the Jewish people. The Jews picked themselves up after the Holocaust, and we are still flourishing, however if the Jews will marry gentile women, there will be nothing left to flourish.

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