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Uncovered hair at home


Regarding a family that keeps the laws of wearing a shaitel completely strictly, the question is whether a woman who is completely dressed, in her own room, but has not yet put a shaitel on. May she do other things such as texting or talking on the phone while her hair is it uncovered?



Thank you for your question.

From the strict letter of the law it is permitted for her to have her hair uncovered while in the privacy of her home, especially if she is alone. However the ideas of tznius are even when a person is alone, because we are always in the presence of Hashem. Additionally, the added level of tznius is helpful to bring more kedusha into the home as we know from the story of Kimchus, a pious mother who never let the walls of her home “see” her uncovered hair. Due to her extra tznius she merited to have a number of children that were kohanim gedolim.

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