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Kosher laws for Wheelchair bound man



I observe kashrut at home. I am unable to walk and must use a wheelchair. I do not eat hardcore Trayf outside but will eat pizza. Does My immobility allow this?



Thank you for your question.

It is great that you are not eating real trief, however you should know that eating non-kosher pizza can be really treif. This is because the non-kosher pizza stores bake pizza with meat, which is real basar b’chalav (milk and meat), and very much trief. In fact even if it wouldn’t be that severe, wheelchair bound people are subject to the obey laws the same way mobile people are. No cop will allow a wheelchair bound person to run a red light because he is immobilized, nor can he be allowed to hurt himself physically as a result. The mitzvos are the laws of G-d, and given to us to protect the health of our Jewish soul, so that it will be able to benefit to it’s fullest in the world to come. Therefore it is in your best interest to keep all the laws of kashrut, even though you are in a difficult situation.  Nowadays most pizza stores offer home delivery etc. and that might help you get around you disability, and still keep kosher.

Best wishes


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