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Toiveling electric kettle


How does one toivel an electric kettle (stainless steel or glass). It is the cordless type that sits on the heating element that is plugged into an outlet. It has electric circuitry on the bottom, and says not to immerse in water. It is Hamiltom Beach, which I don’t think is made by Yidden



Thank you for your question.

 You can tovel it the same way you would tovel other utensils that come in contact with food. Immerse it to make sure that the inside is filled with water. After toveling it though you should wait a few days, to ensure that there isn’t any water on the inside by the wires. You could put it outside in the sun, or in a boiler room, or use a blow dryer to dry it. After it is dried on the inside you should not have any problems with it.

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  1. Blow dryer might be a problem. If it gets certain parts too hot, it may melt the wires. I’ve seen this with computers.

    1. A computers wires are a lot thinner and sensitive. If the item has a computer chip I would not recommend toveling it this way.

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