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Minimum 5 day wait for niddah


I have a slightly awkward question. A few days ago I had accidental release of zera early in the morning soon before I woke up. I went to the toilet to wash myself and wiped myself with a towel which my wife and I share.

I am concerned there may have been some zera left on the towel which my wife has used after a shower to dry herself in oso makom. She has started the shiva nekiyim after this occured and I was just wondering if this could potentially interfere with that. If there was zera on the towel which she used would she have to wait 5 days from then. Or is it only waiting 5 days from actual tashmish?





She does not have to wait an additional 5 days. Zera only interrupts the Shiva Neki’im if it comes from above a place called “Bein Hashinayim” in the woman, which is not the case here.

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Nidda 41b, Rambam Hilchos Avos HaTumah Perek 5 Halacha 11

:רמב”ם הלכות שאר אבות הטומאה פרק ה הלכה יא
האשה שפלטה שכבת זרע אם פלטה אותה בתוך שלש עונות הרי היא טמאה כרואה קרי, לפיכך סותרת יום אחד אם היתה זבה כאיש שראה קרי, ומטמאה בכל שהוא אף על פי שלא יצאת לחוץ אלא נעקרה והגיעה לבין השיניים נטמאה שהרי שכבת זרע כדמה מה דמה מטמא בפנים אף שכבת זרע שתפלוט תטמא אותה בפנים


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