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Is coffee machine still parve?


Kavod haRav,
If someone touched meat and then touched their parve coffee machine (the part that punctures the coffee pod as well as inside the water resevoir), can they wait 24 hours without using the machine, wipe it off and then the machine will be parve? The “meat” residue on the hands was not very warm if at all at the time, but it was a fatty residue. Thanks.




There is no reason to wait 24 hours. If the coffee machine has still not been used, there is no problem at all, as according to halacha, the “taste” of the meat is only absorbed through heat (or soaking, which doesn’t apply here). Even if they did use the coffee machine, the hot water that came out of the coffee machine was definitely more than 60 times the meaty residue, and therefore the coffee machine would still be parve.

Just make sure to wipe off the meaty residue well, perhaps you can use a little bit of soap to make sure you get it all off.

All the best




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