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Teens trying on clothing I bought to see if they want to keep it.


We place orders online for clothing. My teens would like to try them on during Shabbos when they have leisure time. Is it allowed? Some of the clothes might be returned to the store if they don’t like how it looks on.

In case this makes a difference, I would like to add that my teens have a special enjoyment of the process of trying on the clothes, talking about it and looking in the mirror etc, even if they wouldn’t keep it in the end.

Thank you.




Strictly speaking it is allowed, as long as they do not mention that if they don’t like the clothing then they will return them. You mentioned that they enjoy trying on the clothes even if they would not keep them, and therefore it is not considered “preparing” for after Shabbos.

However, this is not very ‘Shabbosdik’ as you can well see, since they will obviously be thinking about whether or not they want to keep the clothes or to return them. Therefore, it would be better to find another time to do this.

All the best



See Shulchan Aruch O:C 306:1 and 307:1.


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