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Possible neder



Thoughts of nedorim and shvuas are in my head, especially during davening chazaras ha’shatz- kaddish when we answer amen. My question is do the thoughts become binding when I say amen? Because I know amen makes a shvuah chal.

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The idea that amen makes a shevuah chal, is only when a person hears someone else saying the shevuah and answers amen to it. However, in this instance the amen was not said at all in reference to the shevuah, rather to charzoras hashatz. The idea being that saying amen to a person shvuah is showing that you agree to what was said, however here you are answering amen that Hashem should give us parnossa heal us or build Yerushalayim, and it is not related to your thoughts at the time. It seems that this is just another one of the yetzer hora’s ways of keeping you thinking about all sorts of things during chazoras hashatz, making you nervous and confused. Therefore you don’t have to be concerned with these thoughts at all.

It might help you if you follow along while the chazan is saying chazoras hashatz, and hopefully yetzer hora thoughts will not bother you then.

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