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Shifra and Puah – Reward


The Torah says that as a reward for not listening to Paroh and saving the Jewish boys, Shifra and Puah recieved “houses”, which Rashi says were the houses of Kehuna and Kingship.
Question: What was so special about what they did? Practically no one, even the most lowly Jew, would never kill an innocent baby, even if commanded by a king. In the Holocaust, the Jews that even just beat other Jews were looked at as the lowest of the low.
So here we have the wife and daughter of the Gadol Hador, Amram, who were trained as midwives, who are being asked to kill the babies, why was it so hard for them that they deserve such a big reward?




They didn’t merely not kill the babies, as their names suggest they cooed the babies, took care and pampered them, knowing that they would be killed if caught. Additionally see Rashi, that they brought them food, and actively made sure that the children should live. They showed tremendous responsibility for their brethren, and therefore they earned that their children should get positions of responsibility.

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