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Russia crossing into the Crimea


I once heard, in the name of the Chofetz Chaim, that when Russia crosses over into the Crimea (Ukraine) it means that Mosiach Tzidkainu is immenent.
Is this true? I know that we have to anticipate Mosiach at any minute, but this sounds much more immediate.




This idea is mentioned in a few places. R’ M. Sternbuch shlit”a brings it in Teshuvos V’hanhagos Moadim pg. 423. That R Yitzchok Eizik Chaver, a talmid of R’ Chaim Velozoner told his talmid R’ Dovid Luria before he died, that if the Russians will capture the whole City of Cremia, especially the fortress “Kertch” that we can already await for the footsteps of moshiach”.

There is another idea that is said in the name of the Vilna Gaon. Which brought in the sefer “Hagaon Hachasid M’Vilna” pg. 189, that when you will here that the Russian army has entered the gates is Istanbul, quickly put on your Shabbos clothes and wait for the footsteps of Moshiach” (In the footnotes of the above mentioned sefer he writes that this idea was heard from R’ Aryeh Levin (R’ Eliyashiv’s father in law), who heard it from R’ Chaim Berlin, who heard it from R’ Yitzchok of Velozen who heard it from his father, who heard it the Gaon himself).

It is important to always remember, no matter what we hear, that Hashem wants the time of Moshiach’s coming hidden. Additionally, although there may be certain signs, however we don’t necessarily know how to read these signs. As we see in the gemora Megillah 11b-12a, when the time of the end of galus Bavel seemed to be clear, however numerous people made mistakes in understanding the signs (70 years) of when it would end. In fact, the Gemora says that even Daniel made a miscalculation in this regard!  Therefore, we can be excited that maybe Moshiach will come soon, however we can never know definitively exactly when it will be until he actually comes.

May that much awaited day come soon.


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