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Selling items


May one sell an item that has something disgusting that buyer will be fine if he doesn’t know meaning if u sneeze on an item and u wipe it off and u sell it to him he’ll have no problem but if u tell him he will be disgusted (or he’s fine with it just if u tell him it’s disgusting can u tell him. Also must u inform the buyer if it is tameh how about if u r selling on a platform that rov are goyim.



Thank you for your question.

My assumption is that you mean to ask if it is considered gneivas daas, or onaah to sell something that if the owner would know about it he wouldn’t buy it. This only applies to a real defect in the item, such as it doesn’t work properly, therefore its market value is lower. Many things sold undergo stages that wouldn’t be very appetizing to the customer. Nevertheless, it is permitted to sell it because you are selling the product as it is now. Right now, it is clean and there is nothing wrong with it. Therefore, it is permitted to sell.

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