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Rage room


Hi. I was wondering if it is okay to go to a rage room (a place where people can vent their rage by destroying objects within a room with a sledgehammer etc.)? Thank you!



Thank you for your question.

A rage room is not a place that should be frequented by Jews. The reason is because as Jews we are taught that there is a reason for our frustrations. The difficulties that we experience in life are orchestrated from above, and have a specific purpose. Secondly, the Talmud (Avos D’rabi Nosson 4-16) states that a person who breaks objects and rips clothing in a fit of anger, should be looked upon as an idol worshipper! The reason is because this person gets totally out of control when his anger overcomes him. Now he will lose control and break thigs, tomorrow he will get mad and commit idolatry, because once he loses all self control, there is no limit to what he might do in his fit of anger.

Going to a rage room is not only breaking things in a fit of anger, it is teaching, and conditioning oneself to break things when he/she is angry- the exact opposite of what the Torah expects from us. This is without getting into the issue of baal tashchis if useable items are broken.

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