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Can a person start a compost pile during Shmitta?


I want to put egg shells, Avocado peels, cucumber peels and other non kedusha peels in soil and let in compost for the 8th year of planting a lemon tree. Am I allowed to do this? Please put the sources in English.



Thank you for your question.

Fertilizing a field is one of the forms of work that we do not do during shemitta, because fertilizing one’s field is considered working the land. There are instances when a person takes out a significant amount of garbage to make a garbage dump, and that is permitted. In your instance you mean to make the ground better, therefore it should not be done.

IY”H in the merit of keeping shemitta properly, Hashem will make you soil rich and healthy, and it should give you robust produce during the year after shemitta.

Best wishes


Rambam Hilchos Shmitta chapter 2-1,3, Chazon Ish 18-6.


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