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I am almost for sure that I gave maaser from something, but I have a memo on my phone from the summer that I kept pushing off to take care of and now I am wondering why it is less then my maaser calculations that I have down somewhere else. If I am pretty sure I gave the maaser and the memo must just not have been updated, what should I do?

Thank you



Thank you for your question.

While I can’t tell you if you gave the money or not, in general if a person is in doubt if maser was given from certain earning it depends on how the person accepted upon himself to give maser. If the person stated before starting to give maser that it would be bli neder, then the person would not have to give the money in doubt. However if the person’s giving maser is a neder (if the person started giving maser without stating that it should be bli neder) then the money in doubt should be given.

As a side point, it is good to know that when being stringent regarding giving maser, in the long run you will never lose out. See B’orach Tzedakah pg. 388, that R’ Chaim Kanievsky shlit”a said, that he once asked his father regarding a certain doubt that he had regarding maser money. His father then told him, “Whatever doubts you have just be machmir, because from giving maser you will never lose out, you will only gain!

May this bracha also happen to you.


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