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Threaten to sue in the hope of forcing an out of court settlement


My 16 year old daughter recently had the first of what was to be a handful of skin treatments for acne. The oral prescription medication failed to eradicate it so we turned to someone who offered a series of treatments using products from an Israeli company. The Jerusalem women offering this service is certified by this company. After the first treatment, my daughter had a bad reaction and the product burned the skin of her face, making her face red and in pain on and off for more than 3 weeks now. She has missed at least a week of school due the pain and embarrassment. My daughter has no allergies or sensitivities that we’re aware of and we were never informed of any potential adverse reaction. Our expectation is that the woman will refund the 450NIS from the first treatment and the 1200NIS back for the products that she was to use at home as part of the program. My assumption is that my daughter’s reaction is rare and the woman didn’t have reason to inform us of any potential adverse reaction nor does her training direct her to do so. If that’s the case I don’t have further qualms with her. (Of course I’ll have to share her name with the company, which could have repercussions for her.) However, the product has caused my daughter significant pain, anguish and embarrassment. I want to know if and how) I can threaten to sue the company to force them to settle out of (Israeli) court to pay damages and to force them to require anyone offering treatments with their product of the potential risk and that the product should first be tested to ensure there’s no reaction and this should also be included on the product/with the enclosed insert. I want to prevent others from the same suffering my daughter is experiencing.
I tend to doubt that being tovea them to bais din with do anything as the company is likely under secular ownership.



If the company is a religious company then you would have to take them to Bais Din, and you won’t really get much out of it. If however the company is run by non-religious people, who will not go to Bais Din in any case, you can threaten them, and if they give you money that is fine.

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