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Realized the bracha was said was incorrect


If I have 2 foods in front of me, say a potato and banana. I mistakenly think I need to make a haeitz on the banana and make a haadama on the potato. Then someone corrects me that the banana is also haadama. Do I need another haadama on the banana since I thought it wouldn’t be included in the haadama on the potato? Or do we say since it was in front of me when i made the baracha its covered? Would it be the same if I have an apple and orange and I think the orange is haadama and first make haeitz on the apple? Thank you,



Thank you for your question.

You would have to make a new bracha on the banana. The reason is because saying haetz on a something that needs hoadomo is not valid even b’dieved. Additionally, at the time when you made the correct bracha you meant specifically not to include the banana in that bracha.


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