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Pet Cremation and Burial


Our two pet rabbits passed away. What is the halachah standpoint on cremation of the rabbits? If it is permissible do we need to bury the ashes in the garden or is it permissible to keep them in the house. My daughter was very attached to her rabbits is is grieving.



 I’m sorry to hear about your two rabbits.

From a strict halachic angle, you can do whatever you want with the rabbits. Animals don’t have a neshoma like a Jew do, and there is no obligation to bury them, (sorry to sound rough, but they can also be thrown in the garbage). However there are other reasons why I would very much hesitate from cremating the rabbits. First of all, cremating a Jew and saving his ashes is not permitted, and considered a tremendous disservice to Jewish dead body. Therefore, I would stay away from anything that has to do with cremation. Secondly, you might want to teach your daughter, that although she was very attached to her rabbits, but they were only rabbits, and she shouldn’t want to stay attached to them forever, by keeping their memory in her heart. It is important for her to keep things in perspective, they are only rabbits, not blood relatives. Yes it is a loss, but this is an opportunity for you to teach her about keeping things in proportion.

Additionally, you can help her emotionally, buy buying her another two rabbits.

Best wishes


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