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As for the Jews the Lifestyle in gentile place


Rabbi which type of life style should be maintain as a Jew in gentile majority country?


Thank you for your question.

In general, us Jews should live as much of a Jewish lifestyle as we possibly can despite the fact that we live countries that are predominantly non-Jews. This is the way the Jews have lived for the last 2000 years of this tremendously long exile, and it is the life-line to our existence and survival as Jews. Whenever Jews stopped living with their heritage, and keeping to it in every way possible, they eventually assimilated, got lost among the gentiles, and their Jewish identity, and their identity of their children was totally lost. The sages tells us that what saved the Jews in Egypt from getting assimilated was specifically because they didn’t change their language, to speak like the Egyptians, they didn’t change their clothing, and their Jewish names. Yes, it might have been a little awkward for them, and they might have felt a little out of place, but in the long run it kept their identity and they left Egypt to become the chosen people, receive the Holy Torah, and enter the Land of Israel.

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