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Being forced to pay tuition


The cheder where my boys attend received a new administration which raised the tuition to an amount that I cannot afford.
They say if I do not sign a contract for the requested tuition and I leave my children in cheder then it’s stealing.
Can I leave my children in cheder without signing a contract or is this considered stealing and I have to take out my children?



This is a difficult situation.

Essentially, it depends when the administration wants to change the tuition and make you sign. In the middle of the year, they cannot do it, because the tuition was already agreed upon. However, for the new year, they can force the parents to sign such a document, as a new year usually will have a new price and possible new terms.

A word of comfort though, although the tuition is higher and more difficult to pay, but the gemora (Rosh Hashana 16b) says that although a person’s income is decided on Rosh Hashana, how much money the person will receive during the coming year, but the cost of a child’s torah education is not included in this. Therefore, even though the price of the tuition is going up, but you should just know that Hashem will provide you with extra money, which you can use to pay the tuition. (You might not see it blatantly, however if you will look closely you will be able to see it.)

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