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Waking up after chatzos


If I go to sleep very late at night., and because of that I wake up late after chatzos, is this considered an oines and I can daven 2 minchas? And what if this happens almost every day?



As a one time occurrence we can say that it is an oines, but if it happens often, why didn’t he set an alarm on his cell phone or watch? This sounds pretty much a “posheia” to me. Besides for the davening aspect of it, a man MUST say kiryas shema every single day before the end of the third hour, which is way before chatzos. This is not a d’rabonon, rather a d’orayso, to which the posuk says that missing kriyas shema on time is a loss that can never be made up. Today’s shema and today’s obligation will never come back.

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